Introduction to GIS

Using Maps in Hertfordshire

Ordnance Survey

Other Geospatial Data

Creating Geographic Data

GIS data can be stored in various ways as files at the operating system level or within a number of different database systems. Each of these has a number of restrictions and there are practical issues that occur when maintaining the data. See the Corporate Standards for Spatial Data.

GIS as part of other systems

It is important to plan the relationship with our geographic data and GIS when considering systems that may have a geographic element. For example the ability to use backgound mapping from our spatial database.
See the Requirements for the procurement of systems with mapping/GIS functionality.

Map Viewers

Webmaps-extra for staff
(Only available internally)


Children's Services

Flood Risk Management

Health and Community

Mosaic (only available to
authorised users)


Touchdown Locations
and Bookable Meeting Venues

Webmaps-extra Highways Viewers

The new Webmaps Extra Highways viewer (AGOL) will be replacing both its previous and current versions (Highways
Webmap-extra and old Webmaps Extra Highways) whilst also providing many of the most useful features within
the Highways Map Explorer. However, the current Webmap Extra Highways will run simultaneously with the new
viewer for a while so as to ease staffs into the new viewer. For more information on the new viewer please see the
User Guide .

New Webmaps-extra Highways
(ArcGIS Online)

The old Viewer is in the process of being decommissioned (due to using technology that is now out of support).
Where possible please use the new one imediately below. This is faster and clearer and contains current information.
Quickstart Guide .

Highways Webmaps-extra viewer

The new viewer provides most, but not all, of the functionality of the old one; a solution to this is in progress and users will be updated accordingly.
In the meantime, the old viewer is still available for those who need it. Please be aware however that information and mapping is not being maintained.

Old Highways Webmaps-extra viewer

Webmaps for the public

Hertfordshire Map

Councillor Information

Children's Centres

Countryside Management
Service Sites

Herts Adult and
Family Learning Service

Highways Future
Planned Works

Landscape Character
Area Map & Data


Local Transport Plan Map

NHS Information

Nursery Settings Map

HCC Offices

Police Stations

Purple Star -
Health Equality Map

Register Offices

Ride Destinations Map

Rights of Way Map

Safety Cameras

Salting & Gritting


Traffic Counts

Traffic Regulation
Orders Map

WasteAware Map

Water Management Map

Wedding Venues